Legal mentions

Access to and use of our V33 site is subject to these legal notices and current legislation. By accessing and using the site, you are agreeing to these legal notices, without any limitations or restrictions, and you are undertaking to abide by them.


Via its website and mobile app, V33 is making it easier for you to manage your projects and work essentially by:
creating your own personal space to store those clever ideas and essential V33 products to bring them to life;
helping you to find the ideal V33 product to suit your requirements using the Clic V tool;
exchanging and sharing your designs with other web users belonging to the V33 Facebook group,
drawing inspiration from our visual presentations.

These general conditions of use refer to the terms according to which V 33 SA, a limited liability company with executive and supervisory boards, registered under number 305 690 158 in the Lons-le-Saunier Trade and Companies’ Register, with a head office at La Muyre in Domblans (39210), manages its website and mobile app.

They define your rights and obligations as a user of the services offered by V33 via its website and app.

Please read this information carefully before using the services.


“Application” refers to the V33 mobile app edited by the V33 SA Company, available to download from the Apple Store and Google Play platform and offering access to the services provided.
” Account” refers to the User’s personal account created on the Site in accordance with the terms and conditions listed in article 3.2 of the Conditions of Use and essentially containing the User’s personal information, wish list and results obtained with the “Clic V” tool.
” Conditions of Use” refer to the current terms defining the conditions for using the Service.
“My Wish List” refers to all of the data available on the Site and via the App such as V33 products, ideas and trends, tips and guides. These can be saved in the User’s Account.
“Facebook Page” refers to the Facebook page managed and edited by V33.
” Designs ” refers to any content, such as a video or photo of designs produced with V33 products and displayed by the User on the V33 Facebook Page. This content can be protected by intellectual property rights, in particular.
“Social Networking” refers to any Internet service or website such as Facebook which places the User in contact with his/her friends.
“Service “: refers to all of the services provided via the Site and/or App, as described in article 2 of the Conditions of Use.
“Site “: refers to the V33 website which can be accessed at the following address: and/or any other address offering the Services, albeit with a different extension.
“User”: refers to any person who has accepted the Conditions of Use by using the Service and/or has registered under the conditions specified in article 3 of the Conditions of Use.


The Service essentially offers the following options:
To search using key words and display V33 products using the Site search engine;
To find out about V33 products and their instructions for use by downloading the relevant documentation from V33 or by visiting the Site’s FAQ forum;
To save the product, advice or inspiration/trend in the Wish List;
To find the required product using the Clic V tool and calculate the quantity of product needed to complete the project;
To locate a V33 distributor via the geolocation facility;
To share information available on the Site via Social Networking Sites using pictograms and by connecting with log-in details and Designs on the V33 Facebook Page;
To sign up for newsletters and V33 marketing blurbs;
To contact the V33 after-sales service.


3.1 Acceptance of the Conditions of Use

The Conditions of Use are enforceable as soon as they appear on-line. They are valid when the User visits the website or uses the App for the first time. From the outset, the User therefore agrees, unreservedly, to abide by the rights and obligations provided for in the current Conditions of Use.
Users who do not accept the Conditions of Use will not be able to use the Service.
The Conditions of Use are valid whilst the Site and/or App is/are being used and until they are superseded by new general Conditions of Use. The User can stop using the Services at any time. He/she is then entirely responsible for the prior use of the Services and primarily the Content which have been published or transmitted via the Site and/or App.

3.2 Conditions for using the Service

The creation of a User Account is optional.
However, the User must create an Account in order to access all of the Site or App functions and, above all, to save his/her Wish List.
An Account is created as follows:
Use the on-line form and enter personal details, including a valid e-mail address and password; and
Agree to the current Conditions of Use.
Account usage is strictly personal. The User is solely responsible for Account activity.
Users can access their Accounts by entering their confidential e-mail address and password used to set up the Account.
The User’s Account and related functions can be accessed on the Site, free of charge, at any time, as soon as the User has an Internet connection.


4.1 Using the service

The User shall undertake to use the Site and/or the App in accordance with the Conditions of Use.
The User shall essentially undertake:
not to intervene in Site operations using software or automated requests or by exercising any activity likely to disrupt Site and/or Service operations;
To keep his/her log-in details and password confidential. They must not be disclosed to anyone;
not to amend, add or delete the content made available by V33 on the Site and/or via the App;
not to photocopy, disclose or communicate the content of Site V33 to the general public, in any way whatsoever, other than via website and/or app tools;
not to extract, reuse, store, reproduce, disclose or retain, either indirectly or directly, on any support, using any means whatsoever, all or part of the Site / App contents forming a legally protected database
The User shall generally undertake not to breach the legal and regulatory requirements relating to the Service, especially the provisions of the intellectual property code.

4.2 Design distribution

The User shall undertake to make available on the Site and/or V33 Facebook page the Videos and Content he/she has created or is authorised to publish on the Site and/or Facebook page.
The User can post a Design on the V33 Facebook Page by connecting via his/her Facebook log-in details.
The User shall undertake not to circulate Designs, regardless of type or form, on the Site, App and/or V33 Facebook Page:
implicating third-party intellectual property rights, especially in terms of copyright and trademark right, etc.
implicating third-party interests and rights;
implicating the right of publicity or respect for private life;
in an attempt to advertise a product other than a V33 product, a third-party trade mark, a site other than the Site or an app. other than the App;
encouraging alcohol consumption, smoking or the use of illegal substances;
inciting hatred, violence or the perpetration of an offence, crime, act of terrorism or suicide;
that may be deemed offensive, threatening, defamatory, xenophobic, racist, anti-Semitic, indicating paedophilia, or of a pornographic, revisionist, homophobic or sexist nature:
containing any virus or any computer program intended to interrupt, alter, corrupt or restrict the function of any computer or computerised network;
in violation of the secrecy of correspondence;
and, as a general rule, any Design contrary to legislation, public order and morality.
Each Design made available by the User is subject to moderation by the V33 Moderation Service.
Any Design may be turned down for publication or deleted from the V33 Facebook page without prior warning or justification if:
it does not comply with the current Conditions of Use,
it is deemed to be unintelligible, off-topic or irrelevant at the discretion of the Moderation Service;
has been reported 5 times or more by Internet users via the V33 Facebook Page reporting tool.
V33 cannot be held liable if this option is exercised.
In submitting a Design for the V33 Facebook Page, the User is authorising V33, Users and any third party to use, reproduce and disclose the said Design, either in full or in part, via all processes and using all supports, in particular on any other Site page or any other Facebook page via the “share” tool or on any other Internet site.
The User is entitled to withdraw the Designs presented on the V33 Facebook Page at any time.
Users who post a Design on the V33 Facebook Page guarantee V33 and other Users the entitlement to use and exercise all of the related rights.
The User safeguards V33 against any problems, action, complaint, opposition, claim and expulsion whatsoever, originating from a third party considering that a Design violates their rights, and against any damage or liability incurred in exercising those rights.
The User guarantees in particular that he/she is the copyright owner of the Design presented or that he /she has been granted authorisation by the holders of the relevant rights to make and subsequently use this disclosure in accordance with the Conditions of Use.
The User shall undertake to repay V33 in full for all royalties, damages or legal costs (including lawyer’s fees, costs and expenses not included in the expenditure) that V33 may incur due to the reproduction, representation and exploitation of the Design made available by the User.


As a general rule, V33 cannot be held liable for any unforeseen and/or indirect damages suffered by the User such as, but not limited to, a loss of earnings, loss of opportunity, loss of income, loss of clients, data or any financial or commercial prejudice, any commercial disruption or any non-material damage.
V33 is unable to guarantee the User that the Site will fully meet his/her expectations or that no errors will arise when using the Site or App. V33 cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of the information presented on the Site and App. Similarly, V33 cannot guarantee that the Site and App are compatible with the User’s specific requirements.
The User is therefore responsible for making use of the information made available to him by the Service and is solely responsible for carrying out any check procedures.
V33 cannot, in this respect, be held responsible for the choices made by Users following the advice given on the Site or via the App, including the “Clic V” tool in particular.
V33 cannot be held liable for (i) any non-compliant use of the App by Users or any other third party or (ii) the Content made available by the Users within the scope of services provided and the subsequent use of those services.
If a third-party were to seek V33 liability due to a breach by the User of one of the terms in the Conditions for Use, V33 would have recourse to the User guarantee.
V33 cannot be held liable in the event of transmission problems or, more generally, for any disruption in the telecommunications and Internet network. The User must have the necessary skills and resources (costs incurred by the User: Internet access, etc.) to access the various services. In any event, the Site or App is accessed under the sole control and responsibility of the User.
V33 cannot be held liable for any loss or damage suffered by the User or any third party as a result of failure (i) to access the Site or App, (ii) the Internet network, (iii) telecommunication resources and (iv), more generally, any issue not directly and/or exclusively governed by V33 or any force majeure event, as defined under the French legal system.


V33 reserves the right, without prior notice, to temporarily suspend access to the Site and/or the App or to all or part of the services provided via this approach, for reasons beyond its control or for technical reasons related primarily to the need to update services, modify and maintain the said services and, on a general note. for any other technical and organisational issue, without assuming any liability whatsoever.
V33 reserves the right to make amendments and improvements and/or changes to its Site and/or App or to methods used to access the Services, essentially on technical grounds.
Furthermore, V33 reserves the right to permanently or temporarily discontinue one or more services available on the overall Site and/or App without paying any compensation to the User and without assuming any liability in this respect.


The Site or App and any related components (such as logos, trademarks, designs, models, images, audio clips and videos, texts, photos, logos, graphics, software, databases, sector names – the list is not exhaustive) are the exclusive property of V33 or are subject to prior authorisation for use.
These Conditions of Use do not transfer to the Users any intellectual property rights over components belonging to V33.
Any representation, either in full or part, of the Site or App or any component thereof (such as V33 trademarks or distinctive signs used to refer to V33 products), by any process whatsoever, without the prior written and express authorisation of V33 is prohibited and shall constitute an infringement of the Intellectual Property right and would be punishable as such.
However, V33 shall grant Users the right to access its Site/Application in a non-exclusive, non-transmissible, personal manner pursuant to the terms and conditions stipulated in the current Conditions of Use.
The User shall not infringe, either directly or indirectly, the intellectual property rights of V33 or exploit, in any manner whatsoever, the names, trademarks, logos, software, information, databases and all documents forwarded to it, in general, when executing the terms and conditions of use.


8.1. Personal data

The Site or App may record personal data about the User when an Account is being opened or the Service used. Personal data are then processed by V33 who is responsible for processing information. The data will only be used to provide the relevant services via the Site or to send newsletters or marketing offers by V33.
V33 is the sole recipient of recorded data.
Users may also be asked to provide their contact details and email address during competitions or on completing questionnaires. The form also has a tick box which must be completed if the User agrees to data being reused or transferred to third parties (commercial partners). If approved, V33 reserves the right to request the Users’ permission to send marketing information or offers.
Connection details relating to the User Account are also recorded by the Site/App. These data are intended for in-house use only. These data will not be forwarded or sold to third parties under any circumstances whatsoever.
Pursuant to the law dated 6 January 1978, duly amended by the law dated 6 August 2004, namely, the “French Data Protection Act”, any User has the right to view, oppose, access and correct personal information. Any User wishing to exercise this right and receive communications about personal information must write to the V33 Personal Data Service, V33 SA, La Myure à Domblans (39210).

8.2. Cookies

The Site reserves the right to place “cookies” on the User’s computer and to access them. These cookies are used to facilitate and improve the Service provided, namely by (i) identifying the User’s computer each time he/she visits the Site, (ii) locating the computer to find a V33 product distributor, (iii) compiling connection statistics and (iv) recommending contents or products that might satisfy the User’s requirements.
These cookies log the pages viewed and the date and time of the visit. Cookies cannot identify users.
Cookies are stored on the User’s hard disk for thirteen months.
The User can oppose the registration of “cookies”:
by clicking on “To find out more” on the cookies’ notification panel available on the Site V33 Homepage.
by configuring his/her browser according to the instructions given by the said browser.
The User may also choose to delete them at the end of the session. Nevertheless, the User acknowledges the fact that all or part of the Site and/or Service may not function if Cookies are removed or rejected.


The User Account and related functions are valid for an indefinite period until terminated by either party.
The User can stop using the Account at any time and can request removal.
Furthermore, V33 reserves the right to terminate the User’s Account by e-mail or post, without assuming any liability and without prior notice, legal formality or compensation, if the User fails to satisfy one of the obligations stipulated in the Conditions for Use.
If the Account is terminated, the User will no longer be able to access any Wish Lists he/she may have saved.


10.1. Changes to the Conditions of Use

V33 reserves the right to modify the present Conditions of Use at any time provided that Users are duly informed via the Site or App. These changes and modifications are enforceable when entered on-line and are valid as soon as the User accesses the Service for the first time.
In cases where the User continues to use the Service following notification of a change in the Conditions of Use, it will be assumed that he/she has read, understood and accepted the new Conditions of Use and will abide by them.

10.2. Notification

Users wishing to notify a change of email address, ask a question, file complaints relating to his/her User Account, report a technical problem or convey any information deemed to be of relevance to the Site or App are asked to send an e-mail to the following address

10.3. Invalidity

If any of the terms in the Conditions of Use proves to be invalid under current legislation or a final court decision, it would be disregarded without invalidating the contract or affecting the validity of the other provisions.

10.4. Applicable legislation

The Conditions of Use are governed by French legislation.

10.5. Photo credits:


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