How often should a V33 decking saturator be renewed?
It depends on the exposure of the decking, but on average it should be renewed each year. We recommend applying V33 decking saturator when the wood starts to lighten but before it turns grey. Simply clean the decking and reapply a coat of V33 saturator.

Why does decking turn white 24 hours after applying a saturator?
This is caused by water getting into the decking saturator before it’s fully dry. This phenomenon can also occur if excess saturator isn’t properly wiped off. To avoid this problem, we recommend:
Applying V33 decking saturator to dry wood in fine weather and at the beginning of the day so that the product can dry before nightfall (dew can be enough to whiten the saturator).
Carefully wiping away any excess decking saturator.
This whitening usually disappears after a few weeks when the product is fully dry. If it doesn’t disappear, the whitening can only be removed by sanding.

Can V33 decking saturator be applied to new wood?

Yes, V33 decking saturator can be applied to new wood. However, we recommend leaving new wood unprotected for a few weeks to make it porous and allow rain to wash away any residual chemicals after autoclave treatment. The saturator will penetrate the wood much better as a result.

Why do black spots appear after applying a decking saturator?

The appearance of black spots on decking painted with saturator may be caused by prior cleaning with steel wool. Pieces of steel wool can get lodged in the wood and rust as they get wet, resulting in black spots on the wood. In this case, we recommend thorough sanding to remove them.

What product should be used to prevent wooden flooring getting darker?
We recommend using V33 Extreme Performance Decking Saturator which is water-based and will darken the wood much less than V33 Decking Saturator which is solvent-based.

What’s the ideal product for protecting an outside wooden staircase while also revealing the grain?
We recommend using V33 Decking Saturator. Film-forming products such as varnishes are definitely not suitable for exterior horizontal woods.

Is it possible to apply a wood tint to wooden decking before applying a V33 saturator?

No, because wood tints are not suitable for outdoor use. You could use a teak shade of V33 saturator. For a more opaque finish, we recommend V33 Decking & Cladding Renovation Saturator, available in 7 fashionable shades.

How can the colour of decking that’s stained and turned grey be made uniform again?
Two solutions are possible:
If you want to keep the wood grain visible: sand back to bare wood until the surface is perfectly uniform and stain free. Then protect it with a V33 decking saturator.
The following option is easier but creates an opaque finish: clean the decking with a pressure washer or V33 decking cleaner. Then apply V33 Decking & Cladding Renovation Saturator.


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